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Subject: New Patient - (Patient Name) Awaiting approval

Hi Natural Green ReLeaf,

(Patient Name) just signed up and is awaiting verification.

Verify them by going here (link to admin area).


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Subject:  Natural Green Releaf Registration [request](

Hi (Patient Name),

Thank you for registering with us! We will review your information and let
you know as soon as your verified to order.

Thank you,

Natural Green ReLeaf

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Subject: You have been approved!

Hi (Patient Name),

Congratulations! You have been verified and can start shopping right away.

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If you have any questions email us here at [email protected]


Natural Green ReLeaf

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Subject: New Order - (Patient Name)

Hi Natural Green ReLeaf,

(Patient Name), just completed and order.

(Order Details)

(Delivery Address)


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Subject: Order Details - NGR-SF

Hi (Patient Name)

Thank you for your recent order. Our team is reviewing it now and will
reach out with any questions we have and to confirm a delivery time.

(Order details)

For future orders or to modify your account information please go to "link
to profile page"

We appreciate your business and will see you soon!


Natural Green Releaf

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